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[wen_title]Experience a Faster, More Secure Hosted Desktop with onthenetOffice.[/wen_title] [wen_content]Watch the video overview (click here) or call our sales team at (855) 668-4363 so we can set you up with a live demo where you can log into a virtual hosted desktop and test it out. You will be able to run applications, send emails, and transfer files instantly from any computer with Internet access.[/wen_content] [mojo_shortcodes_one_third] live-demo2[/mojo_shortcodes_one_third] [mojo_shortcodes_two_third_last] [wen_title]

A Faster, More Secure Desktop![/wen_title] [wen_content]

  • Guaranteed faster than your local computer
  • No more server hardware, software or maintenance costs
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited 24/7 application level support
  • Microsoft Office 2010, Exchange 2010 email and more
  • Comprehensive backup & disaster recovery plan


[wen_title]Why Choose onthenetOffice to Host Your Desktops?[/wen_title] [wen_content]onthenetOffice has been delivering private, cloud hosted desktops and servers for over 15 years. Our solutions are custom tailored to meet the requirements of your organization. [/wen_content] [wen_content]Call 1 (855) 668-4363 toll free to speak to one of our experts and put onthenetOffice to the test today.
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