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4-D Security

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A Unique 4-D Approach For The Highest Level of Security

Our Private Cloud Infrastructure Security is a powerful combination of services, managed devices, and best practices known as onthenetOffice 4-D Security. This unique approach to security has been designed to ensure the highest level of protection for your data and hosted services. onthenetOffice protects your network with systems designed specifically to meet the requirements of your business. We implement advanced security technologies such as IDS, IPS, & UTM to ensure best practices are always followed to assure your business continuity & network safety.

4D Security for Hosted Infrastructure

Physical & Environmental Security

onthenetOffice server systems reside within our unmarked and secure Tier 3 data center facilities. The onsite network operations center (NOC) and security teams are on the watch 24x7x365 to monitor against any potential security breach. Each data center has multilayer security control procedures including Biometric palm readers and 24×7 closed circuit video monitoring as well as 24×7 alarm monitoring.

Our environmental protection systems include redundant HVAC cooling systems, raised flooring ventilation, and other mechanisms for maximum temperature and humidity control. A robust combination of smoke detection systems along with pre-action, dry-pipe fire suppression ensures your data is safe and secure. Our power systems provide the data center with uninterrupted AC and DC power solutions which are backed by emergency generators so no matter what happens outside, the power is always on inside.


Logical & System Security

Network Firewall & IDS/IPS.
The entire onthenetOffice cloud is protected by our enterprise Cisco network firewalls along with robust intrusion detection systems. Our Cisco firewalls are configured to stop outside attacks through the Internet and to protect both your hosted server desktop and valuable data. Intrusion Detection Systems/Intrusion Protection Systems (IDS/IPS) are interlinked security platforms that are designed to detect activity that can compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your dedicated server environment. Our security engineers perform routine monitoring and maintenance of all security equipment to ensure that the latest threats can always be identified and blocked.
Patch Management.
A vital part of network security is ensuring that the operating system, which you utilize, has all of the latest security patches and security updates. As a part of your service, our NOC security team regularly installs these patches to ensure that your hosted server desktop is protected from any known system exploits.

Gateway Anti-Virus.
Before any Internet traffic communicates with the onthenetOffice internal private network, our network anti-virus appliance “scrubs” all IP packets to ensure that any malicious threats are blocked from entering the network. All cloud-hosted clients receive real-time protection against all spyware/malware, including viruses, Trojans, worms, backdoors, key-loggers, and more.

Content Filtering.
All web traffic within your dedicated cloud is filtered through our enterprise web content filtering system to ensure that malware is blocked from entering your network. By default, inappropriate content is blocked to ensure that your company’s data is protected and ensure that your network bandwidth is utilized to maximize the efficiency of your secure environment.

Operational Security

Best practices are a security must, that is why we ensure that our organization follows operational policies and procedures outlined by the ISO 17799 information security guidelines. All onthenetOffice employees are routinely trained on our documented information security and privacy procedures.

Access to confidential information is restricted to authorized personnel only and all system access is logged and tracked for auditing purposes. Our comprehensively trained staff is required to follow strict and fully documented change management procedures to guarantee that any global system change is always documented for future audit. By utilizing best practices for password generation, encrypted data storage, and procedures for the handling of customer data, our company ensures that we do our part to protect your business.


Bacup and Disaster Recovery

onthenetOffice backups are fully managed and maintained, through both a local and offsite medium, for protection of all of your mission critical data. Managed offsite backup protection is offered thanks to our partner True Defense. Each night, the True Defense offsite backup application scans for changed files within your dedicated server environment, encrypts the data with up to an AES 256bit encryption algorithm and then sends the changed files to an offsite data center facility. The industry leading data security technology built into the True Defense agent provides the data protection assurance that we demand and that our clients require.

onthenetOffice also utilizes proven enterprise virtualization technologies to take server snapshots of your entire hosted server and hosted desktop environment to protect against data loss due to a catastrophic system failure. These images are taken routinely and retain real-time availability to provide a true disaster recovery and business continuity plan for our hosted clients.

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