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Green Technology to Power a Fast Desktop Network

With onthenetOffice, businesses no longer have to keep underutilized servers at their offices. Their entire business IT is stored at our state-of-the-art Data Centers. onthenetOffice provides one of the industry’s most environmentally-friendly cloud-based solutions—without sacrificing security, reliability, or performance.

Less Waste

With onthenetOffice, there is no need to acquire new hardware. Our cloud computing technology revitalizes older computers and infrastructure hardware. Furthermore, hosted desktops require almost no maintenance, resulting in longer life for your office desktop.

Reduce Your E-Waste with onthenetOffice

  1. You no longer have to purchase, repair, or replace hardware for an on-site IT infrastructure. You won’t have to dispose of any obsolete or broken servers, storage devices, networking hardware, and cables every year.
  2. onthenetOffice utilizes hardware more efficiently. We host multiple applications and infrastructures per server, fully utilizing our servers, storage devices, and networking hardware before disposing of them.
  3. Less maintenance and replacements of your end-user hardware such as desktops, laptops, keyboards, mice, and monitors.

Less Vehicle Emissions

With onthenetOffice, employees can access their files and applications from home or wherever they may be. This reduces the number of times that people have to commute to an office, which in turn limits the travel time of carbon-emitting vehicles.

A Green Partnership

onthenetOffice has partnered with SuitesPro, Orange County’s first LEED Certified eco-friendly Business Suites, providing the perfect IT for this green workspace. Our hosted solution has a lower environmental impact than traditional onsite business IT. It also offers SuitesPro’s tenants mobility, allowing them to work from anywhere, which translates into less vehicle emissions.

What Studies Show…

A recent study led by the WSP Environment & Energy and the National Resources Defense Council indicates that cloud infrastructures are more environmentally friendly than traditional on-premise systems. The report concluded that even the least environmentally friendly cloud infrastructure would produce less than half the carbon emissions of the average on-premise system.

Environmental benefits of onthenetOffice over on-site IT infrastructures include:

Superior Hardware Efficiency

According to the study, on-site, non-virtualized infrastructures utilize only 5-15% of their servers’ CPU on average. Power consumption does not correspond with server utilization: underutilized servers consume only 10% less energy than a fully utilized unit. Meanwhile, the report also points out that a cloud infrastructure has an up to 65% better Server Utilization Rate than non-virtualized, on-site system. The cloud also lets multiple organizations share a single server. Cloud computing increases the efficiency of servers, it also reduces their overall number (eliminating the energy usage and pollution associated with manufacturing, disposing of, and recycling the hardware).

Improved Data Center Management

As the WSP Environment & Energy and the National Resources Defense Council report puts it, “Small SMO [small-and-medium-sized organization] server rooms are often managed inefficiently and suffer from classic economies of scale issues that cloud server providers are directly incentivized to manage…Most SMOs are unable to achieve the low PUEs that cloud server providers are realizing in their best-in-class data centers.”

Enhanced Mobility

With a cloud infrastructure, employees can access their files and applications from home. This reduces the number of times that people have to commute to an office, which in turn limits the travel time of carbon-emitting vehicles. Cloud-based virtual offices may even replace physical workplaces in the future, cutting vehicle and office building emissions and energy usage even further. When selecting a hosting provider, businesses should remember that well-run private cloud data centers have almost half the PUE (1.3 to 2.5) and more than eight times the Server Utilization Rate (60% to 70%) of poorly-run private cloud data centers. 24x7x365 performance monitoring by our technicians maximizes the efficiency of our data centers, ensuring a low PUE. onthenetOffice operates with maximum efficiency and ecological best practices.

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