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Managed Server Hosting

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Managed Hosted Servers

onthenetOffice Managed Server hosting provides you with ready-to-use, always available IT resources. We provide the processing power, data storage, and bandwidth that your business needs for its IT infrastructure. Our Managed Servers allow you to host your applications, databases, websites, and e-commerce platforms. They can also be used to scale up the performance or storage capacity of an existing on-site or hosted solution.

Select from our diverse lineup of Managed Hosted Servers to get started. onthenetOffice lets you customize the hardware specifications and OS of your Dedicated Servers and Terminal Servers and the CPU, RAM, and long-term storage of your Dedicated Virtual Servers and Private Cloud Servers. All of our Managed Hosted Servers include around-the-clock performance and security monitoring and 24×7 technical support. onthenetOffice will also take care of any repairs or upgrades that your Server requires. It’ll only cost you a low, fixed monthly fee – with the Service, Management, and Support all included!

Lower Costs

Never purchase or pay someone to repair expensive IT hardware such as servers and storage devices again with onthenetOffice. Also, our economy of scale allows us to rent our hosted servers to you at a much lower per-unit cost than if you were to build and maintain your IT infrastructure yourself. Your users can connect to your applications and critical data from any location using our managed server solution! All you need is an Internet connection. Moreover, we provide access to the same systems at the office as we do at home, through our managed server hosting solutions; this allows a user to maintain control regardless of her location, increasing productivity. Third parties can access the systems as well, based on the rules that you supply.

Higher Security

We package our 4-D Security System, which includes firewalls, antivirus, and intrusion prevention and detection programs with all of our Managed Hosted Servers. Confidently host even your most critical business applications and most sensitive documents with onthenetOffice!

Better Performance

Thanks to onthenetOffice’s exclusive SMX Speed Technology, your Managed Hosted Servers will feature equal or better performance speeds than on-site hardware.

Better Performance

Any of your employees with an Internet connection can access your Managed Hosted Server from anywhere, anytime with any end-user device. This allows organizations with multiple offices to share a single IT infrastructure. It also lets workers to access their files and applications from home. In addition, we promise that you won’t have to deal with any unplanned service outages -and we back it up with our 100% uptime guarantee.

For more information on Managed Server Hosting by onthenetOffice, contact us today!

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