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Environmental Controls

The environment at each of our onthenetOffice data centers is rigorously controlled in order to ensure that the equipment contained within them runs optimally. To control the temperature and humidity of our data centers, we employ HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) redundant design cooling systems with air distribution under raised flooring. We also employ high quality fire suppression systems that include a smoke detection system above and below the raised floor and double-interlock, pre-action, dry-pipe fire suppression. Our power systems provide the data center with uninterruptible AC and DC power supplies, which are also backed by emergency generators.

Our Environmental Protection Systems Include:dataprotection_system

  • HVAC Redundancy
  • Cooling Systems
  • Raised Flooring
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Emergency Generators
  • Advanced Smoke & Fire Detection Systems




In order to ensure the security of our clients’ data and their infrastructures, all of our server systems reside within unmarked Tier 3 data centers. Our data centers are equipped with the latest in security technology and multi-layer security control procedures.

Our Security Systems include:

  • Biometric palm readers
  • 24×7 closed-circuit video monitoring
  • 24×7 alarm monitoring
  • 24×7 security team


100% Uptime

Businesses of all sizes cannot afford to lose time or money to downtime. With onthenetOffice that is one issue you can forget about; all of our data center facilities are equipped and managed with the latest and most rigorous technologies and procedures, which guarantee that your systems are always running and available.

100% Uptime Guarantee:data_gaurentee

  • Redundant Internet connections
  • Uninterruptible AC and DC power supply
  • Emergency generators
  • Multiple gigabits of bandwidth

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