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[wen_title]Blazing Fast Desktops Designed To Perform[/wen_title] [wen_content]Our desktops are driven by our proprietary SMX Speed Technology. SMX is the architectural foundation of both the storage and network layers of the onthenetOffice hosted desktop platform. Key components of SMX Speed Technology include intuitive, trend-based disk I/O caching and network optimization algorithms that predicatively, self-tune to deliver optimal desktop performance under any load or network condition. Active user data and application processes are cached into high-speed memory pools, enhancing the response time of the applications and data files. Additionally, the aggregate of network routing and packet prioritization technologies on the network layer (on both LAN and WAN) ensure the lowest network latency for low bandwidth or slow Internet connections. The end result is a hosted desktop that runs applications as quickly and is as responsive as a high-end, local desktop computer.[/wen_content] [wen_title]High-Definition Audio and Video[/wen_title] [wen_content] SMX Speed Technology for the onthenetOffice hosted desktop platform was designed by our engineers to enhance the delivery of both audio and video streaming on a hosted desktop. SMX works in conjunction with both Citrix HDX and Microsoft RemoteFX, two protocols designed to optimize audio and video over the Internet. Our SMX-enhanced desktops provide a much smoother audio and video stream in comparison to other hosted desktop solutions.[/wen_content] SMX Speed Technology


Benefits of SMX Speed Technology

  • A faster, more responsive hosted desktop
  • Smooth audio and video streaming
  • Applications launch instantly
  • Enhances both Citrix HDX and Microsoft RemoteFX
  • Same desktop speed from any device
  • Included with all of our hosted virtual desktops
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SMX Speed Technology

Superior Performance Comes Standard

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All of our hosted virtual desktops are equipped with SMX Speed Technology. SMX enhances the performance of our hosted desktop platform without compromising benefits such as security, uptime, and cost effectiveness.




Try it, Love it!

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SMX Speed Technology For Hosted Desktop

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