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1. Will my applications work within the onthenetOffice hosted infrastructure?

onthenetOffice offers a truly dedicated Windows Server & Desktop solution which ensures compatibility with 99% of all Windows based software applications. If your software applications work on a Microsoft Windows computer then your answer is yes. We currently host and support hundreds of Microsoft Windows based applications. Common applications include Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications such as MDLogic, Appmed, Podmed, Lytec, Medisoft; accounting applications such as Intuit QuickBooks, Peach Tree Accounting, MAS 90; CRM solutions such as ACT CRM and OasisCRM; and business applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Abacus Law, SQL, Legal Solutions, QFloors and many more. If you have a specific question regarding your applications, feel free to contact our sales team for more information.

2. How secure is onthenetOffice?

onthenetOffice utilizes a unique 4-D security approach to ensure that your data is always secure. onthenetOffice Infrastructure Security (01S) is a powerful, fully integrated group of services, managed devices and best practices, all designed to ensure the highest levels of security for your data. Our utilization of Unified Threat Management (UTM) security services for cloud computing allows us to build a robust barrier between your onthenetOffice hosted infrastructure and the dangerous world that exists beyond your private network. The UTM cloud security service is specifically designed to filter out threats at the network level and to mitigate attacks long before they can reach your onthenetOffice infrastructure.

3. Does onthenetOffice make me compliant with industry security requirements?

By using onthenetOffice you are taking a huge step toward the correct technology deployment to support many business regulatory security requirements. Through all of the compliance disciplines there are common threads that are the tenants of a secure environment. Items such as Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Application Updates, Backup Management, Disaster Recovery, Firewall Management, Log Monitoring, Network Access Control, Network Documentation, Operating System Updates, Physical Access Security, Secure Sharing, and many others are already embedded into the onthenetOffice service offering. Most of these are difficult and/or tedious to control and maintain within your office walls, but onthenetOffice offers a huge jump start by laying a technical foundation that follows best practice across almost all of the compliance disciplines. onthenetOffice can be tailored to meet any of the major compliancy regulations.

4. What is the cost of onthenetOffice?

onthenetOffice pricing is primarily based on total number of concurrent users who have access to the server; onthenetOffice offers you a first class, dedicated IT infrastructure design along with a team of IT Professionals for a low, fixed monthly fee. Our technical experts ensure that our onthenetOffice solution is the most reliable and cost effective IT option for all your business IT needs.

5. What is included in the monthly fee?

Included in your monthly fee is a complete turnkey implementation along with everything you need to get up and running for a brand new server environment along with all the hardware, Microsoft licensing, security, anti-virus, firewall, etc. The monthly fee also includes your truly dedicated hosted and IT Managed server with unlimited 24/7 support. Each user, of course, will have their own specific username and password with access to their own dedicated Desktop. Please speak to an account representative for more details and other support offerings

6. Is Microsoft Office included with onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop?

Yes, Microsoft Office is included in onthenetOffice Hosted Desktop along with any Windows based applications you wish to host. We will host, manage, and support your server and applications for a low, fixed monthly fee. With onthenetOffice, you won’t have any servers to support and manage, worry about servers crashing or downtime, applications to install, computers to maintain, or upgrades! Everything is handled by our team of experienced IT Professionals 24/7 in our Tier 3, state-of-the-art Data Centers. Please speak to an account representative for more details and application offerings.

7. Do you support my business applications as well?

Yes. As a complete business IT solutions provider, we are able to offer support for your business applications and connections. onthenetOffice deploys a wide variety of IT tools to ensure your applications and server are running to their maximum potential and 99.9% uptime is guaranteed.

8. Can you support my local network or Internet connection?

Yes. Our support technicians are skilled in a wide variety of IT and can deploy software solutions to ensure that you always have the maximum uptime locally as well so accessing your server is never an issue. We understand that downtime can occur on your side as well and are able to offer complete managed care and support for your local network and/or Internet connection as well. Please speak to an account representative for more details and support offerings.

9. Do you offer support for my local Desktop computers?

Yes. Please keep in mind that once you are using our onthenetOffice solution, you will not be utilizing your local desktops for anything except as a portal to connect you to your dedicated server desktop. Should any issues arise (i.e.:  viruses, slow performance, etc.) with your local desktops then our IT Professionals will be able to log in and fix your issue 24×7. We understand that without your local network, you cannot access your hosted network. Our team can ensure that you are covered in all areas of IT.

10. What happens if I lose Internet connectivity?

If you should lose Internet connectivity, access your hosted server will not be possible as you do need an Internet connection. There are multiple ways of having access to your data should you be without an Internet connection. Our onthenetOffice technicians deploy various syncing solutions should Internet be a major issue in your area. We can help to ensure that you always have access to your files should you be frequently without Internet access. Please speak to an account representative for more details.

11. Is my onthenetOffice server accessible from outside the USA?

Yes. You have access to your server from any computer with Internet access around the world. Our terminal server solution allows direct connectivity to your server through Remote Desktop Connection application which comes standard with your Windows Operating system.

12. Can I access my onthenetOffice desktop from an airplane?

If your airline offers Internet access then you are able to access your server from your laptop. Many airlines offer Internet access these days. If you should not have Internet access, we are able to ensure that you have access to your files locally prior to boarding the airplane. Please speak to an account representative for more details.

13. Do you offer multilingual technical support services?

Yes, as a global business IT solutions provider we do employ bilingual staff members. Our technicians primarily speak English and Spanish fluently along with several other commonly used global languages. Please speak to an account representative for more details.

14. How do I transfer files from my local computer to my hosted desktop?

Our solution offers complete integration and communication from your local desktop to your hosted desktop and vice versa. Transferring files is as easy as cutting and pasting or dragging and dropping. We ensure that you always have access to your files for any transfers 24/7.

15. Is my business the right fit for onthenetOffice?

Any business using Microsoft Windows applications and files area great fit for our solution no matter what industry you are in. We are all in need of computers/servers and support to run our businesses. onthenetOffice’s technology eliminates you from ever incurring any downtime, having to pay for servers, server-related costs or IT costs ever again. With a low monthly fixed cost, you will be able to manage your IT costs more predictably. You never have to worry about your IT again.

16. How do I print from my onthenetOffice desktop?

When you connect to your virtual office the system will automatically create a virtual link to your local printer. Your printer will appear as a local printer on the virtual office. When you are working in your hosted desktop, you simply print from your applications the way you normally do.

17. How do I install software applications on my onthenetOffice?

Administrators of your virtual office can install downloadable software to your virtual office as if it was on a local PC. To install applications that are on a CD media, please contact customer support so that they can assist you.

18. How often is my data backed up?

Your modified data files are backed up daily. Backups usually occur in the evening (after 10 p.m. PST) in order to maintain system performance during the day. We also take entire server snapshots of your virtual office on a weekly basis. Snapshots enable fast restores of system configuration and installed applications.

19. Who has access to my data?

Only your company users and our technical support staff have access to your files. Our staff will never access your files without permission, but we do need access to them in order to properly back them up. We do not open client files unless instructed to do so by the client.

20. Does onthenetOffice support Microsoft Windows 2000?

Yes, onthenetOffice does support Microsoft Windows 2000, however you will need to download the latest version of the “Remote Desktop” client from Microsoft’s website.

21. Does onthenetOffice support Microsoft Windows Vista?

Yes, onthenetOffice does support all versions Microsoft Windows Vista.

22. Does onthenetOfficesupport Microsoft Windows 7?

Yes, onthenetOffice does support all versions Microsoft Windows 7.

23. Does onthenetOffice support the Apple/Mac Operating System?

Yes, onthenetOffice does support functionality within the Apple (Macintosh) environment. Whether your are using Snow Leopard or a previous Apple operating system, you are able to use our tools to connect to your onthenetOffice. You can now access a Microsoft hosted desktop from an Apple PC!

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