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The Ultimate Managed and Hosted Network

onthenetOffice hosted desktops are faster, more secure and more reliable than your local PCs. Our Windows 7 and Windows 8 desktops offer the exact same functionality as your local computer. We guarantee that we can host all of your Windows compatible applications, even the older legacy versions.

From basic word processing to high end 3-D modeling, onthenetOffice desktops are ready to service all of your business needs. You can seamlessly transition your workflow from one device or location to another, without changing or closing any application or file.


Our desktops are faster, more secure and more reliable than your PC.

Faster: Launch applications in less than one second. Our proprietary SMX Speed Technology allows you to work in a high speed network environment that is hosted in a private cloud.

More Secure: Your hosted desktops and data are stored in our highly secure data center facilities. Our network operations team and cybersecurity professionals are always on-the-clock monitoring and securing your communications.

More Reliable: Our hosted desktops are designed to provide you with the best of both the Cloud and Managed IT Services. We fully manage, monitor and secure your hosted infrastructure which will provide you with 99.999% uptime, guaranteed.

  • Secure access to your hosted desktop from anywhere
  • Launch your applications instantly and avoid PC slowness
  • A dedicated infrastructure means the same fast speed all day long
  • Each user’s desktop is 100% customizable
  • Works just like your current Windows desktop
  • 24x7x365 expert technical support for all of your tech needs

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