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Better Performance, More Possibilities.

Hosting with onthenetOffice lets you launch applications faster than ever from any Internet-enabled device. onthenetOffice takes away the limitations of traditional desktop-installed applications, making them more accessible and reliable as well as improving their performance.

Application Hosting by onthenetOffice

Hosting with onthenetOffice lets you forget about the hassle of installations, updates, and maintenance. Instead of purchasing, installing, and maintaining a unique copy of each software program on each user’s computer, these virtualized applications reside in onthenetOffice data centers; they are deployed on your hosted desktops, and can be accessed using any Internet-capable device. These hosted desktop applications run and function exactly like a locally installed desktop application. So no matter where you are working from or what device you are using (desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet), you can seamlessly access the exact same program you were using at the office.

onthenetOffice Hosted Applications Feature:

  • Host any application, even customized
  • Host any necessary plug-ins
  • Access from anywhere and on any device
  • Launch most applications in under 1 second!
  • Flat monthly fee for unlimited applications
  • Customizable & scalable to fit your needs
  • 100% Compatible: Windows, Apple, Linux & Android
  • Managed backup, security & monitoring

Application Hosting by onthenetOffice provides significant advantages over traditional desktop applications and manufacturer web-based applications.

Maximized Speed. Only onthenetOffice offers SMX Speed Technology, which launches your applications faster than ever; in most cases, you can launch them in as little as one second!

Maximized Security. onthenetOffice offers 4-D Security, which ensures that your critical applications are always safe and protected. We have a dedicated team of security experts monitoring your infrastructure 24x7x365. We also utilize the latest technologies, including automated offsite backups and monitoring.

Expert support 24x7x365. We don’t just host your applications; we are there for you whenever you need help with them. Forget about foreign call centers; our US-based team of IT experts is always ready to support you at any time.

Transition Seamlessly. When you host your applications with onthenetOffice, you can access the exact same program from any device and continue to work wherever you left off. Our solution is not a “cloud-version” of your application; it’s your exact same application, in the cloud.

Scalability. Start off with the number of applications you need, and we can quickly add or subtract applications and users based on your organization’s changing needs.

100% Uptime Guarantee. Your hosted applications are always safe and available when you need them.

Flat Rate Pricing. Forget pay-as-you go models that make your IT costs unpredictable. Application Hosting by onthenetOffice starts for as low as $39 per user a month.

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