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Microsoft Skype, formally known as Lync plays a vital role in orgainzational communications.  Skype allows a way for employees to stay connected and in touch. For that reason,you shouldn’t trust your Skype deployment with hosting companies that don’t guarantee 100% uptime or include free technical support, managed services, or multidimensional security with their standard packages. Only onthenetOffice has the high-performance infrastructure and comprehensive support to ensure the total availability and reliability that Hosted Microsoft Skype needs to be effective.

A hosted Microsoft Skype solution provides instant messaging, voice and video conferencing for your business. This type of solution is called a Unified Communications Platforms, which combines all three of these elements. It also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office. Microsoft Skype has its greatest value as a Hosted Solution because of the way its instant messaging and conferencing features assist a dispersed workforce (businesses with multiple offices or telecommuting employees or contractors) to collaborate and stay in touch.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging has been around for years, and is a great way for people to communicate without using a phone. Skype offers users an enhanced IM experience that helps them communicate more efficiently. The IM feature lets users group their contacts by availability and group so that they know who is available.


Traditional phones can end up costing businesses a lot of money in the long-run. With VoIP, you can make calls over the Internet.


Skype makes conferencing much easier. Users can quickly create, manage, and join meetings.
A hosted Skype solution can be operated on both Windows and Mac platforms and works with Windows Phone, iPhone,Pad, and Android devices. So no matter what system or device your company uses,Skype can help you stay connected.

Benefits of Hosted Microsoft Skype

There are several benefits to choosing onthenetOffice’s Hosted Microsoft Skype solutions, including:

100% Availability

Access your Skype account anytime, anywhere, with any web-enabled device. Our 100% uptime guarantee ensures maximum availability and reliability.



Adjust your Skype deployment to your business’s IT requirements and preferences at no extra cost. You can also integrate Skype with your Hosted Microsoft Exchange or Hosted Microsoft Office.

Multi-Site Replication

We include realtime replication, automated backups and business continuity planning with all of our solutions.

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