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Peachtree Hosting Information onthenetOffice is a leading provider of hosting services for the Peachtree Accounting Software. Peachtree Accounting has been available for many versions and is currently offered by Sage Software. Over time Peachtree has been revised to keep pace with the developments in technology producing a valuable product which your company has or may soon have a substantial investment in.

However, companies using Peachtree often find that in order to fully use their software they must make significant up-front investments in hardware as well as the software itself. This can be by purchasing server hardware, upgrading existing hardware, and otherwise maintaining their investment. Such costs rapidly accumulate and can weigh heavily on a company that does not have its own IT staff and/or server management team to handle the recurring issues related to the technology.

We offer application hosting solution to these problems by hosting your Peachtree software on a virtualized server within our existing systems. Rather than having to purchase and maintain hardware to run your business on your own premises we virtualize and host the server for you. Your access to your server is maintained over multiple redundant high speed internet connections ensuring your connectivity to your accounting system. All data is stored in our secure server facilities and is backed up regularly. When you need to access your accounting system your can connect to our server and your data will be securely delivered over the internet to you.

Why Host your Peachtree Accounting Software With Us?

You may want us to host your Peachtree Accounting Software if some of the following apply to your business: In addition to hosting your Peachtree software you would like to use other software packages from Sage Software.

You may want to use software from other companies as well. For example, you use other applications such as ACT! By Sage Software and want to integrated it with Peachtree. Our services allow us to host including Peachtree for you. We can also host other software packages as our terminal servers can handle a variety of different software applications . These applications can be run concurrently for your benefit. With the integration of various software packages, there is a real need for these options.

You and your business do not want to be bothered with day to day information technology support costs and management. Rather you would prefer to have an outside company manage the software for you to avoid the expenses and time involved in providing repairs, upgrades, and generally maintaining your hardware and software.We offer support with all editions and versions of the Peachtree accounting application such as Peachtree Pro, Peachtree complete, Premium and Quantum. Generally any of the software in current use can be hosted on our servers and accessed via RDP.

Your business needs to have access to your Peachtree Accounting software from anywhere and at anytime. You also need support for a number of different users that work together on your accounting system. With our Peachtree hosting package we can provide access to your accounting application from anywhere, anytime. Also we can allow allows real time collaboration between a numbers of users. This real time collaboration furthers your business objectives even though your employees may be geographically dispersed. We stand by our Peachtree hosting services as able to help you access your data anytime anywhere.

You need your software reliability hosted with security for your data. We host your software on current versions of Microsoft’s terminal server using the remote desktop protocol (RDP). We offer protection from viruses and spy-ware by using the latest virus scanners and malware removing applications. Additionally, our service offers regular backups of your data to our secured facilities on billing hours. This will increase your productivity and allow you to focus on what matters most.

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