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Hosted QuickBooks Premier Application

Your business always has room to grow! onthenetOffice is here to help you accomplish this by hosting your QuickBooks
Premier service, allowing you to focus on expanding. We understand the more your business grows the more functionality
you’ll need in order to stay connected with people, places, and events. onthenetOffice can’t help you be everywhere at once,
but our hosted QuickBooks Premier services allow you to have access to all of your data wherever you are, even from your
mobile device.

Here are just a few of the benefits of hosting your QuickBooks Premier with onthenetOffice:

Anytime/Anywhere Accesspremier-2

onthenetOffice offers anytime, anywhere access to QuickBooks Premier
and your other mission critical applications. When your QuickBooks Premier
is hosted on our cloud you’ll never again have to worry about any of your
users or clients not having access. Now your office can be wherever you
want it to be.

24x7x365 Technical Support

With onthenetOffice you not only get superior QuickBooks Premier
hosting, you get full service IT support as well. We understand that your
business needs more than just QuickBooks hosting, that’s why our hosting solutions
cover all of your applications and can help troubleshoot any problems you
have. With your specially assigned team of experts you’ll never again have
to worry about hour-long waits or call centers across the world because
you’ll have help from someone you know, whenever you need it.

Blazing Computing Speed for Everyone

onthenetOffice has spent millions setting up a state of the art server center so you don’t have to. Let’s face it, you can’t afford
to upgrade to the top of the line equipment every year. When you host your QuickBooks Premier with us you don’t have
to. Your hosted desktop allows you to tap into the speed and performance of our equipment, on any device you already have.
Say goodbye to those expensive upgrades.

Customized QuickBooks Premier Solutions
At onthenetOffice we know not every business is alike. In fact, every one
of our clients has a unique set of needs. That’s why we offer customized
solutions. You have the flexibility to start small and add on as your business
grows. That’s the kind of scalability needed for your ever-changing business.
With QuickBooks Premier hosting by onthenetOffice, you’ll never pay for
anything you don’t use.

Unparalleled Data Security and Reliability

The days of worry and frustration over lost data are over. QuickBooks
Premier hosting by onthenetOffice comes with a 99.99% uptime
guarantee. Our equipment is fully redundant so matter what happens,
your files are safe and accessible. We also offer daily back ups at no charge,
so you can have peace of mind that your important QuickBooks Premier
data is safe.

Industry Leading 4-D Protection:

onthenetOffice utilizes the most advanced security measures called Unified Threat Management (UTM) by True Defense®.
With UTM your hosted QuickBooks Premier and the virtual desktop it’s located within are under 24×7 monitoring for threats
or suspicious activity. State-of-the-art firewalls, secure facilities, and the most comprehensive anti-virus protection around are just some of the security measures that ensure your data is safe and sound at all times.


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